Welcome To The Golf Underground

In the competitive world of golf, we like to stand out from the ground up.

You might call Deadspin the "Jekyll & Hyde" of golf - its performance is sleek and innovative, while the look and feel suits its alter ego of being rebellious and edgy. Here's the kicker: as your alter ego sores - let your golf ball rest (in peace) 6 feet underground.

Our Mission

Innovation With Affordability

Our company's mission is the reason for our existence. We remove the expensive middleman and sell the Deadspin ball’s directly to the end customer with competitive prices - the quality & value becomes unbeatable.

Our Vision

If Looks Could Kill.

Our vision is to create a premium line of golf balls that offers something affordable and innovative to golf customers around the world, simply states, we stand to create: "killer golf balls for less."

The Deadspin Story

Creatively Designed, Locally Engineered.

Designed and engineered locally in the company's Carlsbad, California headquarters, the brand was founded by a group of passionate golf enthusiasts looking to shake up the golf industry. It rivals in the golf category due to its one-of-a-kind DeadSoft Core Technology (DSC) which provides maximum distance and controlled spin from the tee to the green. Every single golf ball is made with the highest quality and care combined with a high performance proprietary design good enough to compete with any premium ball on the market. Sleek, distinct and easily recognizable. The skull symbol evokes remembrance - meant to leave a lasting impression in a category desiring diversity and vibrancy.

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